Saturday, July 13, 2013

June 2013 Pictures!

This post comes a little late. June (and July) was so busy, that we hardly had time to catch up on a few things. First, we had Kylie's 9th birthday on June 7. She is getting big. That same day (and the day after) we took the kids to go see the B-17 at the Centennial airport. They had a lot of fun. They got to play with toy planes, got very close to the real planes, assemble their own model planes, etc. Later in the month we also got to go camping. The kids really enjoy that every year. Too bad the Sheriff came and made us put out the fire. Apparently, there were some fire restrictions we didn't know about. Also, later in the month, we got to go to Utah for a short vacation. Before that, we stopped in Glenwood Springs to do some caving and look around. It was a lot of fun. The kids' favorite part: staying at the hotel where they get to watch SpongeBob. July has been a lot of fun too. We spent the first week in Utah doing all kinds of things. We will have those pictures next month.