Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 2010 Pictures!

July was a busy and fun month! We started by going to Utah for the 4th of July. We got to see everyone there. The kids got to play and spend time with all their cousins. They really enjoyed that. They can now remember their names and understand who is related to whom. We also got to visit with friends and go to many places while in the Provo area. Ariel and JoLynn ran the Freedom 5K race on the morning of the 5th too. When we came back, the weather started to finally get hot, so the kids enjoyed going to the park with the fountains and the pool. It is now their last week of vacations though. They are excited to go back to school. We took the kids hiking to the Bluffs, which is close to home. They walked all the way up and did really good. Ariel got to go to the Netherlands again this year for work. It was good, but a very long trip. August will be interesting with Kylie starting 1st grade. She is excited to have homework again, she says. Both Austin and Kylie will make many new friends. Jason is crawling, but he is now more interested in standing. It won't be long until he walks. He is only 7 months, so he will be a quick one.