Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 2010 Pictures!

We didn't take a lot of pictures this month. Mostly because November is always a bit of an uneventful month for us. We weather is now cold, but we haven't really had much snow. Just a couple of minor snow falls. The kids are getting ready for winter break in a couple of weeks, which means Christmas and New Year is around the corner. We set up the Christmas tree already and slowly but surely presents are starting to show up. Jason keeps walking all over the place. He will be 1 year old on December 18. Time really flew by this past year. Ariel got to spend a couple of days in Provo while on business and got to see most of the family there. For Thanksgiving we stayed home and kept it simple, just the way we like it. A few people in our ward played football that morning (it was like 15 degrees). Other than that, we look forward to December when we get to celebrate Jason's first birthday, Ariel and JoLynn's 9th wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Year, etc. Should be fun.