Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 Pictures!

March started with Austin's 6th birthday. He is getting big. He enjoyed blowing the candles on his cake and getting some cool presents, which included mostly airplanes. Next up is Kylie. She will be turning 8 in June. That's a big one.
March was suppossed to be snowy here in Denver. Instead, it was one of the driest on record. We have already had some big fires not too far from home.
Austin also got to compete in school with his eatable car. None of the cars really did all that well, but the kids in Austin's class had a lot of fun.
We are now starting the process of looking for a new home. We have seen a few houses in our area and we will keep on looking. It is time to get a little more space for the monsters to run around.