Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August 2009 Pictures!

August was another busy month. The biggest and most important thing that happened was that Kylie started school for the first time. She was soooo happy to finally start and meet new friends, do homework, etc. Austin went back to pre-school too. Both of them go in the morning to the same school and they are doing great. We also got to go back to the Beatles tribute concert they do every year at Red Rocks. It was a lot of fun and, once again, it was a sold out show. We will go again next year. Ariel got to do some more travel. This time he stayed in a hotel one block away from the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve Building, hence the pictures. The other big thing that happened this month was that we had to sell our car in preparation for the arrival of the new baby. Three kids would not fit in that car. We got lucky and sold the car in 18 hours. It was quick. We then had to hurry and find a mini-van, which we did. We like it a lot. We got a Honda Odyssey. We also finished the kids room. We painted them, got them a bunkbed and some more new furniture and they are all set. The baby room is ready too. The weather remained mild through August too. This was a very strange summer. We had very few days above 90 F. It will be good to see the fall come in September and watch the BYU football games.