Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010 Pictures!

October was another fun month, specially for the kids. They got to go back to California with JoLynn to visit home in Ridgecrest. They had a lot of fun with the airplane ride into Las Vegas. Jason didn't like it so much, at least at the beginning of the flight. Once there, the kids got to play with their cousins, ride horses, go to the park, swim in the hottub, etc. They all seemed happy to be home 9 days later. Fall break in school was also over at that point and both Kylie and Austin seemed to be happy to see their friends again. Jason is fully walking and checking out everything. He is not shy with people, a lot like Kylie was. He loves playing chase and being tickled. He is a lot of fun. The trees here in Denver were beautiful this fall. They are almost gone now. We are waiting for the first snow of the season now, but it may take a while to come. We are having 60s and 70s pretty much every week. Ariel and JoLynn got to celebrate their birthday this month too and now we are getting ready for Jason's first birthday on December 18. Finally, the kids enjoy dressing up for Halloween again. We went trick of treating the Saturday before Halloween to some people in our ward. They really enjoyed it.