Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 2012 Pictures!

June was an eventful month for us. First, we had some of the worst stomrs we have had since we moved to Denver. Lots of rain, hail, wind, and everything in between. Kylie turn 8 years old on June 7. That's a big one. She will be getting baptized on July 7 as soon as we are back from Utah. She had a party with some of her favorite friends and really enjoyed it. That same day we took the kids inside a B-17, which was stopping in Denver for some events. That was cool. In June we also took the kids camping. We went to the same spot as we did last year, which has become one of our favorites. The kids were excited because they got to eat some junk food, which they don't get very often around here. Finally, towards the end of the month it really got hot. We had 5 days of over 100F degrees and we have had many large wild fires. The air has not been great in the Denver area. July will be fun. We will spend some time in Utah and then we will have some family in town for Kylie's baptism.

Friday, June 1, 2012

May 2012 Pictures!

May was a fun month. Spring (summer) is finally here. We have been able to get out and enjoy the sun. On Memorial Day we took the kids to hike Three Sisters park. It was great. Even Jason hiked for a full 2 hours without any trouble. The kids also finished school this month. Austin is done with kindergarden and he's ready for 1st grade. Kylie will be in 3rd grade next year. So, both Kylie and Austin will be in school all day. Also, Kylie finally learned to ride her bike without trainning wheels. She was very excited about that, until a couple of bad crashes. She is taking a break from riding for now. June will be fun. Kylie will be turning 8 (she is getting baptized on July 7. We will be going to Utah to visit grandparents and friends too.