Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 2011 Pictures!

July was such a fun month. It usually is. We started the month in Maui, HI. We arrived there on June 30 and got back to Denver on July 6. We had the best vacation ever. The weather was perfect - 86F and sunny every day. The first day we went on a boat ride off the Lahaina coast. This boat had a bottom that went into the water and had windows so we could see the ocean floor, fish, corals, etc. It was a lot fun. We then spent a lot of time on the beach, swimming pools at the hotel, etc. The kids really enjoyed it, and so did we. We also went to the Maui Ocean Center where we got to see some cool fish, sharks, rays, etc. On our last day we went to the beach one more time and then went to hike Iao Valley before heading to the airport. We will have to go back to Maui very soon. We liked it too much. For the rest of the month we did other fun things, like the museum and camping. We did the camping thing last week. It was the first time we went out with the kids to camp somewhere else other than the back yard. We had a great time. The place we went to was beautiful. During the camp trip we got to hike the Devil's Head fire watch tower again at 10,000 ft. We really enjoyed the whole camp and we will probably do it again sometime in September around Labor Day. This coming week the kids are going back to school so things will be going back to a more normal pace.