Monday, August 30, 2010

August 2010 Pictures!

August was another busy summer month. We had some hot temperatures here in Denver, but September should be changing that soon. Ariel started the month with some travel back East and Bermuda. The kids started school that same week too. Kylie is happy to be in 1st grade and Austin is in his 2nd year of pre-school. Jason is getting big fast. He is crawling very well and already standing without help. He hasn't quite taken steps yet, but it will not be long until he does. We had a fun Emegency Prepardness Fair at the church the other day. The kids got to get on the fire trucks, ambulances, etc. They really enjoyed it. The even had a helicopter land in the parking lot. They do this every year in our stake. It's a lot of fun. We are excited for September. We will be watching lots of college football and going to the BYU games against Air Force and CSU. The kids have become quite the Broncos fans too. Fall will bring some nice weather here as well.