Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 2013 Pictures!

Well, we kind of forgot to take pictures in April. We were very busy running around and doing things. We did have a very snowy April this year. Over 21 inches of snow in total. We are glad May is finally here. The kids are starting to play more and more in the backyard and we have already BBQ a few times. We are also looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. We always have a lot of fun. This year, we will have one set of grandparents in town. Should be lots of fun. June will be a busy month too. The kids will be finishing school, so camping and hiking season begins for us. We will also have the other set of grandparents in town, Kylie will turn 9, and we will take a vacation towards the end of the month. We will take more pictures next time for sure.