Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beatles at Red Rocks

Last Saturday we went to Red Rocks to watch a tribute they do every year for the anniversary of when the Beatles played at Red Rocks in 1964. This band is considered the best in Beatles show in the world. They sound and look just like the real thing!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Kids Playing on Trademill

July 2008 Pictures!

July was a fun and very hot month. We started by taking a week-long vacation in Utah. We spent the 4th of July there and got to do many things. We got to see the baloons, went swimming, went to Provo Canyon, did and saw fireworks, hiked the Y, and ate a lot of good food and BBQs. The kids enjoyed it, but they were ready to come home. When we got home, they seemed happy to be back to their toys and beds. Ariel got to go to London on business later on in the month and that was fun too. August already started very hot, but should be a fun summer month too. JoLynn will be doing her last month of training for the marathon on September 1st in Colorado Springs. We will have pictures of all that next month.