Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 2011 Pictures!

March started with Austin's 5th birthday. We can't believe how quickly time has gone. He was very excited about his cake and presents. Apparently, Jason really liked the cake and literally stuffed his face with it. The rest of March was a bit strange here in Denver. This is suppossed to be the snowiest month in the year. Yet, we got nothing. Just a couple of minor 1-inch storms. It is going to be a very dry summer if we don't start getting some snow and rain before it gets really hot in June and July. We already had a few fires in the mountains. At least the weather has been great. We hit 65F and 70s a few times this year so far, and we may even see close to 80F this next few days. The kids have been on Spring break for a couple of weeks. It has been good for them, although they have continued to do homeworks and practice their math and reading. Austin is getting really good at it. We are looking forward to General Conference at the beginning of April.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 2011 Pictures!

February was, for the most part, a pretty uneventful month. It usually is. We had a few very cold days, but also some very warm ones. We got close to 70F a couple of times and there is no snow on the ground. Ariel got to go dogsledding early in the month up in Leadville, which is in the mountains. It was fun. Kylie got to have her first science fair. She worked very hard on it and was proud of her display. Jason keeps on growing and getting faster. He loves playing chase and wrestling. Austin will be turning 5 on March 4, so we are excited about that and can't believe how fast time has gone. We are looking forward to welcoming the Spring in March and getting to enjoy the outdoors a little more. We are also counting down the weeks until we get to go to Hawaii later this summer.