Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kids Sliding Down a Hill

The kids love playing in the snow now that we are starting to get some.
This is a fly-by at the BYU-Air Force game with 3 F-15.

November 2008 Pictures!

November was a very fun month. Winter has really settled in here in Denver. We got t go see BYU play here in Colorado a couple of times, both victories. One against CSU and the other against Air Force. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun too. The guys from church got together for football in the morning. In the evening we got together with three other families to celebrate. It was great. We also got the first 2 real snow storms towards the end of the month. The kids loved it. We went sliding in the snow and built a big snow man. We are looking forward to December, Christmas and New Year. We will have many new pictures soon.