Friday, September 2, 2011

August 2011 Pictures

August came and went very quickly. It was a busy one. The kids started school again early in the month. Kylie is now in 2nd grade and Austin is in KG. Both like school very much and seem to be having a great time. Both are making lots of friends too. Jason stays home with mom in the morning all by himself now. He really misses Austin though, even though when he is finally home the spend most of the time fighting. Ariel's office moved to downtown Denver too. It is a brand new building at the end of the 16th street mall and next to Union Station. A great location. It's been really good. Also, Kylie got glasses this month. She really likes them and they look really good on her. We also got to go to our first Broncos open practice while the kids were in school. It was really good to see the players so close. August was not only fast, but also very hot. We are looking forward to September, cooler temps, Broncos and BYU football.