Friday, December 31, 2010

December 2010 Pictures!

December was a fun and busy month. We didn't get an snow until December 30th, which is very unusual for Denver. That allowed us to spend a lot more time outside. On December 18th we celebrated Jason's first birthday. It was fun. We can't believe how big he is. He has been walking for so long, that it feels like he has been around for a lot longer than a year. Kylie insisted with playing Happy Birthday for Jason using the keyboard, even though she has no idea how to use it. So it was an interesting version of the song. On December 22nd we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary too. Then Christmas came. The kids really enjoyed it this year and there was a lot of anticipation built up. Kylie baked some cookies for Santa and let him a note. They all got lots of fun presents and have spent a lot of time in their room playing with their new toys, which has been great. January and February are typically the coldest months here in Denver, so we will spend a lot of time inside.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 2010 Pictures!

We didn't take a lot of pictures this month. Mostly because November is always a bit of an uneventful month for us. We weather is now cold, but we haven't really had much snow. Just a couple of minor snow falls. The kids are getting ready for winter break in a couple of weeks, which means Christmas and New Year is around the corner. We set up the Christmas tree already and slowly but surely presents are starting to show up. Jason keeps walking all over the place. He will be 1 year old on December 18. Time really flew by this past year. Ariel got to spend a couple of days in Provo while on business and got to see most of the family there. For Thanksgiving we stayed home and kept it simple, just the way we like it. A few people in our ward played football that morning (it was like 15 degrees). Other than that, we look forward to December when we get to celebrate Jason's first birthday, Ariel and JoLynn's 9th wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Year, etc. Should be fun.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010 Pictures!

October was another fun month, specially for the kids. They got to go back to California with JoLynn to visit home in Ridgecrest. They had a lot of fun with the airplane ride into Las Vegas. Jason didn't like it so much, at least at the beginning of the flight. Once there, the kids got to play with their cousins, ride horses, go to the park, swim in the hottub, etc. They all seemed happy to be home 9 days later. Fall break in school was also over at that point and both Kylie and Austin seemed to be happy to see their friends again. Jason is fully walking and checking out everything. He is not shy with people, a lot like Kylie was. He loves playing chase and being tickled. He is a lot of fun. The trees here in Denver were beautiful this fall. They are almost gone now. We are waiting for the first snow of the season now, but it may take a while to come. We are having 60s and 70s pretty much every week. Ariel and JoLynn got to celebrate their birthday this month too and now we are getting ready for Jason's first birthday on December 18. Finally, the kids enjoy dressing up for Halloween again. We went trick of treating the Saturday before Halloween to some people in our ward. They really enjoyed it.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010 Pictures!

September was a fun month. On labor day we went on a hike with the kids. The hike is only about 15 minutes away from home. It took us about 1 1/2 hrs to complete. The kids really enjoyed it. It was a beautiful day. On 9/11 Ariel got to go to the BYU-Air Force game in Colorado Springs with some friends. It is a great show. The game wasn't so good for BYU, but it was still a lot of fun. For the rest of the month we tried to spend as much time as we could outside. We got one of those bike trailers to carry the kids and they love it. We take them out everytime we can. Jason is pretty much walking. He still gets tired and goes back to crawling. But he is getting there quickly. He will turn 10 months in October. The trees are changing quickly here, although it has been very warm. We expect October to change that and we may even see the first snow.

BYU - Air Force Flyby

Air Force vs. BYU Flyby from arielduris on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jason Almost Walking!

Jason is not quite 9 months old yet, but he is almost walking. He is really trying. It is tough to film the good and long walks. We got a short one here...

Jason Walking from arielduris on Vimeo.

Monday, August 30, 2010

August 2010 Pictures!

August was another busy summer month. We had some hot temperatures here in Denver, but September should be changing that soon. Ariel started the month with some travel back East and Bermuda. The kids started school that same week too. Kylie is happy to be in 1st grade and Austin is in his 2nd year of pre-school. Jason is getting big fast. He is crawling very well and already standing without help. He hasn't quite taken steps yet, but it will not be long until he does. We had a fun Emegency Prepardness Fair at the church the other day. The kids got to get on the fire trucks, ambulances, etc. They really enjoyed it. The even had a helicopter land in the parking lot. They do this every year in our stake. It's a lot of fun. We are excited for September. We will be watching lots of college football and going to the BYU games against Air Force and CSU. The kids have become quite the Broncos fans too. Fall will bring some nice weather here as well.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 2010 Pictures!

July was a busy and fun month! We started by going to Utah for the 4th of July. We got to see everyone there. The kids got to play and spend time with all their cousins. They really enjoyed that. They can now remember their names and understand who is related to whom. We also got to visit with friends and go to many places while in the Provo area. Ariel and JoLynn ran the Freedom 5K race on the morning of the 5th too. When we came back, the weather started to finally get hot, so the kids enjoyed going to the park with the fountains and the pool. It is now their last week of vacations though. They are excited to go back to school. We took the kids hiking to the Bluffs, which is close to home. They walked all the way up and did really good. Ariel got to go to the Netherlands again this year for work. It was good, but a very long trip. August will be interesting with Kylie starting 1st grade. She is excited to have homework again, she says. Both Austin and Kylie will make many new friends. Jason is crawling, but he is now more interested in standing. It won't be long until he walks. He is only 7 months, so he will be a quick one.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 2010 Pictures!

June was a busy month. Summer is in full swing, so we are spending a lot of time outside. We started with Kylie's and Austin's graduation parties at school. Both of them are now enjoying some time off from school. They will start again in early August. We then had Kylie's birthday party. She invited just a few friends from school and church and they had a lot of fun. Sunday was her actual birthday and we had some cake. She finally got the hula hoop she wanted and a few other things. We can't believe she is already 6. Jason continues to grow and to be a lot of fun. He is always smiling. He is just about to crawl. He also got his first tooth, which is early compared to his siblings. Those two didn't get a single tooth until they were over a year old. Ariel got to go back to San Francisco and Oakland for work and to attend the wedding of a boy he baptized 13 years ago together with his family. His former companion, Shannon Royster, was there too. That was really cool. July will be fun. We will start by going to Utah to visit family and friends and to get away a little. We will have those pictures next month...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 2010 Pictures!

As expected, May was a beautiful month here in Colorado. Things are green and the weather is great. We have been using the backyard a lot lately. The kids keep playing in their little playhouse and love to eat dinner in it. Austin just finished school and Kylie will finish in the next couple of days. Kylie has been counting the days until her birthday (June 7) and has her party all planned out. Jason keeps on growing. He is close to crawling, but not there yet. He gets excited when the kids are around and you can see he wants to join the party, but he can't quite yet. Kylie ran her first race too, at least the first 100 feet. In the process of cutting people off (because she wanted to win the 1 mile run), she fell and scrapped her knee. That was the end of that race. She will try again next year we are sure. JoLynn continues to run and Ariel is playing lots of soccer and riding his mountain bike now that the weather is good. We look forward to Kylie's birthday on the 7th of June and to our trip to Utah at the end of the month...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 2010 Pictures!

April started with Easter and the kids really excited about it. They were counting the days. They actually had a few practice runs for egg hunting. Once Easter came, we had to do the egg hunt a few times because they were having so much fun. It was good for both of them to go back to school after Spring Break. In terms of the weather, things keep getting better here. We still had a few snow showers and some pretty severe weather. We had one of the biggest hail storms we have seen around here. It destroyed our grill cover outside. May and June are our active weather months, so we look forward to some exciting storms. We got a playhouse for the kids in the backyard too. They love it. They spend a lot of time there. Probably one of our best ideas to date. JoLynn will be running a big race in Boulder during Memorial Day weekend with a bunch of girls from the ward. So she has been training for that. We will have lots of pictures and video for our May posting...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010 Pictures!

March was a fun month. We started with Austin's 4th birthday. We can't believe how big Austin is. He is a fun kid. Him and Kylie had fun blowing the candles on the cake. He, of course, got a new truck as a present that Kylie helped pick. He is very much into trucks and construction equipment. Him and his class went to the zoo and instead of looking at the animals, he was more amuzed by the tractors and constructions trucks working on a part of the zoo. Jsson is growing quickly too. He is alread rolling on his belly and we think it won't be long until he is crawling around. He is going to be a quick one. Spring is here and the weather can be very unpredictable here in Colorado. We had 2 snow storms (9 inches and 15 inches) followed by warm weather (70s and 80s). So you never know. We look forward to enjoying the outdoors in the next couple of months.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010 Pictures!

February was a short but busy month. We started the month with a lot of cold here in Denver. Ariel had to travel 3 out of 4 weeks in the month, so glad this month is over. Around valentines day we had some family in town for Jason's baby blessing. It was good to see everyone and spend some time in our home. Kylie and Austin enjoyed having everyone here too and they got lots of presents and things from both sets of grandparents. Jason is getting big. He smiles all the time as you can see in the pictures. We took him in for his 2-month check up and he is already 12 pounds, which for us is a big baby. March will be exciting. Austin turns 4 years old on the 4th. Also, March is the snowiest month of the year here in Denver, so we are sure we will see some good storms before the winter is over. Spring will be here too during March. We are looking forward to that.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 2010 Pictures!

We can't believe January is almost gone. Jason is now 6 weeks old and starting to do a few things, such as smiling and trying to reach things with his hands. He can hold his head up pretty good and loves to have Kylie and Austin around. All 3 kids seem to get along great so far. Kylie is finishing her swimming lessons and doing good at that. Austin gets to go to the pool with her too. Both of them are practically fish. We haven't had hardly any snow this month so far. February is typically dry too, so we are looking forward to March and April, when things get interesting. Ariel has been traveling a lot this year so far and JoLynn has been able to start running again while trying to keep up with the kids. Austin is starting to get excited about his 4th birthday in March (Kylie may actually be more excited about that). We will have all the grandparents come to town in February as we are planning for Jason's baby blessing on Feb 14. That will be fun.

Friday, January 1, 2010

December 2009 Pictures!

December was quite a month for us. We have been very busy lately. We started by going to the hospital on a Friday night 11:30PM thinking that Jason was coming. Turned out to be a false alarm. We came home around 4:30AM on that Saturday. Jason ended up arriving the following Friday at 7:19AM. He came fast. We made it to the hospital at 6AM, so things moved quickly from there. He was 7lbs 15oz and 18 3/4 inches long. For us, that is a big baby. He was actually the biggest of our three. The kids love having him around, especially Kylie who is quite the little mom. On the 22nd we had our 8th wedding anniversary and then, of course, Christmas came quickly. The kids really enjoyed Christmas this year. They are now old enough to get very excited and anxious about presents, trees, lights, etc. We will watch Jason grow in 2010 and should be a fun year.